Club History


Brian Goodall’s Notes.

2004 Joined WMWT

2006 Request from Chairman asking for someone to set up a website, I volunteered and in July 2006 the website went live.

2008 AGM in January I offered to become Secretary, this also entailed producing the Newsletter which the previous Secretary, Peter Hockley, had been doing.

2009 The August issue of the Newsletter was in a new multi page format. Colour photographs were introduced and for those who were not on the internet, the printed copies were also in colour.

2012 At the AGM in January I said that I wished to step down from the role of Secretary and also the Newsletter Editor at the next AGM. No-one volunteered to take over either role during the year so I stated that I would not produce a Newsletter after the December issue.

2013 At the AGM, because no-one came forward, I carried on as Secretary. Later however John Hooper expressed some interest in taking on the Newsletter and also possibly the post of Secretary. John produced his first issue of the Newsletter in April and since then has put his own mark on it and improved the presentation.

2014 John Hooper took over the post as Secretary. I rewrote and reformatted the website so that it now works on most data devices.

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