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Chairman’s Comments






¨ August 21st.— Threequarter Day — ‘Hands On’

¨ September  18th..—  Full Day — Demonstration by Andrew Hall.

¨ October 16th..— Threequarter Day — ‘Open Day’

After our latest Demonstration Day, which I must comment was well attended and thanks for such a good turnout. Chris Eagles kept us well entertained and interested throughout the day with a good variety of projects and techniques.

It has become very evident we must improve our Camera / Projection set up, our current Kit is totally inadequate. I have had two members offer to look into what equipment we ideally need to do justice to the demonstrators and ensure we have the best view of what we are being shown. I want to resolve this problem ASAP and will hopefully have something to discuss with the Committee in  the near future. If you have any expertise in the technical side of Audio / Visual set-ups you could contribute to this exercise, please give me a call. There are at least two elements to this exercise, firstly the specification of the equipment required, secondly finding the funds to pay for it. We have a small pot of money set aside for purchase of equipment from your generous support of the monthly raffle, the money required now is well in excess of this amount and we will have to give some serious thought to how we are going to fund it. I am thinking positively and am committed to seeing it through.

Looking forward to our August ‘Hands On’ where we will have a good variety of Projects being demonstrated including John Witham who has agreed to bring his grinder along to assist those who have a problem with tool sharpening, bring some tools and see if John can help you out.

Thanks again for your support of the Chairman’s Challenge, two separate projects this time, get some shavings flying and have a go.

Please keep the pieces coming for the display table so we can see what you are producing and give others some inspiration.

Let’s give the Bring & Buy  a go so have a rummage through your stuff.

See you in August.