¨ July 25th. — Full Day — Demonstration by Guy Ravine

¨ Sept. 5th. Open Day.

¨ Sept. 26th.—  Full Day— Demonstration by  Keith Lanchester

Secretary: Brian Goodall

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Chairman’s Comments

First mention this month must be to announce the results of the entries made into The Worshipful Company of Turners Competition by WMWT members, we announced last month that our members submitted six entries.

Greg Miller was awarded second place in the AWGB members class (see page 3). I am sure we compliment all our entrants and Greg in particular. I will obviously mention that his piece was inspired by the  Chairman's Challenge club competition, without which this piece may never have been attempted.

Regarding the competition, I have heard it commented that we should continue to stretch our abilities. I hope I can manage to find suitable projects with varied ability objectives maintained! Future Projects follow on from our visiting demonstrators, ie, this month’s project was inspired by Richard Findlay and next month’s will hopefully follow our demonstration by Guy Ravine who will be with us at our next meeting.

These Demonstration Days can only continue with your support and are hopefully inspiring us to attempt projects and techniques which we haven't tried or have been having difficulty in mastering.

We are giving some attention to our Open Day in September, please make sure you do your part in promoting the day by placing our advertising poster in your local Library, Shop etc. We also hope to have a Sales Table and small items for sale ie., Mice, Mushrooms, Fruit etc. would help Club Funds hopefully.


See you at our meeting on the 25th.


Brian .