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Chairman’s Comments






¨ July  17th.—  Full Day — Demonstration by Chris Eagles.

¨ August 21st.— Threequarter Day — ‘Hands On’

¨ September  18th..—  Full Day — Demonstration by Andrew Hall.

Just a couple of thoughts since our last ‘Hands On’. First idea was prompted by the interest and activity around the Sale Table. We had to dispose of a deceased member’s workshop tools. I am sure we have all got items we don’t use or have never used but with which others may wish to have a go. Why not have a regular Sale/ Exchange / Barter Table, bring your stuff along, label it up with your name, a price and either sell it or swap it. I was going to suggest it would be a ‘Hands On’ Day event but as long as it was run correctly we could hold it at every meeting!! So get rummaging through your toolkit, sort out your unused items and maybe some of our new visitors could get some tools to get started.

My second thought was on the subject of visitors to our ‘Hands On’ Days, I am sure we have made them feel welcome and encouraged them to have a go but I must emphasize that to visit us as a regular they must join us as a club member and therefore join the AWGB (remember, under 19’s have free membership!). I don’t find it difficult to point out the benefits of being a member of the AWGB, first, for our club benefit, the protection of the Liability Insurance; second, the Member Development Program available; third, the ‘Revolutions’ publication circulated quarterly; and fourth, also belonging to an association spread out throughout the UK where we can visit and experience a vast array of woodturning. So to emphasize the point when talking to visitors who express an interest in coming to the Club, please explain the need to join us as a club member.

Finally this month’s Chairman’s Challenge Project is a very open and none prescriptive item, please have a go and widen the range of entrants. I am considering a third category of entrant as the quality of work in the Open and Basic class is getting ever closer, please have a go. What do they say? It’s not the winning it’s the taking part!!

See you in July,