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¨ June 19th. — Threequarter Day — ‘Hands On’

¨ July  17th.—  Full Day — Demonstration by Chris Eagles.

Club events of recent weeks have been on rather a roller coaster of highs and lows in my opinion. From the high-light at Daventry Wood Works, where for the benefit of those who haven’t heard or weren’t able to go, we achieved great success & recognition. For a small club we did spectacularly well and all those involved in any way should be very proud of our achievement.

Having mentioned the high I need to comment on  the low part, which for me was our last demonstrator event. A great deal of effort goes into organizing club events and on the last demonstrator event I thought we were let down by a lack of content on the day and a pedestrian performance. I think back to some very enjoyable and challenging demonstrations and maybe we need to be more prescriptive in determining the content of the demonstrators programme!! - food for thought?

With regards to a highlight I am pleased to tell you we are to have a Sharpening Clinic at our next ‘Hands On’ where Neil Baldwyn has agreed to come along and show us his freehand, ‘hands on methods’ of sharpening. Many of you will have seen Neil before and know to bring some tools along to be sharpened using a grinder without jigs just like most of us have at home! Looking forward to a full house at the ‘Hands On’. See you there.



Just a small nudge!!

If there are any unused tools or items laying about which may be suitable for Raffle Prizes they are always very welcome.

All proceeds from the Raffle go to buying new kit for the ClubThanks,


Appeal by the Chairman. ……...

……..And on a similar Vein.

Jacob, one of our new young members, is looking for a second-hand chuck to fit his Record DML24 lathe.

Can anyone help?


Also, Help needed.

Anyone any idea where I could find 3 inch scrollsaw blades with normal end-pins? We've looked high and low and can't source them - they're for an old Dremel scrollsaw. 130 mm seems to the standard - no good for us!

Any ideas would be most welcome - email Phil Stevenson on or call me on 0121 705 9794.