¨ Nov. 7th.— Full Day— Demonstration by   Graham Ball

¨ Dec. 12th.— Half Day— Christmas Party & Presentations.

Secretary: Brian Goodall

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Chairman’s Comments

Recent events have seemed a busy period for the club, particularly since the Open Day. We have had a demonstration day with Terry Coombes and an extended Hands On Day reasonably close together and we have attended Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens on two occasions. These events were demonstrations to show our craft and sales tables have served to promote our selves as a club and earn some extra funds. I am assured that we have been welcomed with enthusiasm at this venue and I hope we can become regulars at their events. To those who turned out to 'man' these events I understand you found them enjoyable occasions but nevertheless, many thanks for your efforts.

I must mention also how rewarding it has been to see some new faces being introduced to come and visit us after being encouraged to do so by members. Equally good to see is the number of those ' having a go ' at our new format Hands On Days. To the 'regulars' who turn up with their Kit, I know I am repeating myself but 'thanks a lot' for your continued support.

Now that holidays are over lets hope we can see a few more numbers at our coming meetings.

Our next demo. day sees us welcome Graham Ball to show us his particular Turning technique, we were encouraged to book a wide variety of speciality turning and Graham certainly fills the bill

in this regard, do yourself a favour and come along.

P.S. thanks for your support in the regular raffle we hold, just a nudge to say if you have any useful items you have personally no further use for, maybe we can find them a new home!

Regards to you All, see you soon.


Brian .

Some of Terry Coombes’s Gadgets