Next Meeting Information

Temporary Closure

All club activities are suspended until further notice due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, it is now looking more and more likely that we will be unable to hold any meetings this year. A message regarding re-opening will be issued as soon as possible.

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New Member? Just turn up as soon as we re-open, your first 2 meetings are 100% FREE

Health & Safety Notice

Woodturning can be dangerous! Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions and safety advice when using power tools. Never try the techniques shown at our demonstrations if you are unsure or the procedure does not feel safe. Always use the guarding and other safety equipment.
The WMWT takesreasonable care to operate and instruct in a safe manner and strongly recommends all members to follow the WMWT’s Health and Safety Rules and the guidance notes that the AWGB issue in their Revolutions magazine from time to time


Members Personal details are held on a computer belonging to an officer of the Club. These details are only for the use of the Club and will not be passed on to any third party. If you object to your name, address, telephone number and email address being stored in this way, then please contact the Honorary Secretary.
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Tree Felling and Disposal of Felled Timber

Visitors to this site who wish to dispose of newly felled trees or require trees to be felled are requested to read the notice in the information section, by following this Link