About Us

About Us

WMWT is a friendly and supportive club where woodturners meet to share their skills and enjoy their hobby. The clubs’ objectives are to increase participation, and to improve the skills of its members.

Would you like to learn the techniques? Would you like help from experienced turners?

Would you like to see professionals demonstrate their skills?

A full description of the club and what it does is given on this site, and if you would like to try turning for yourself, contact our Honorary Secretary and come to a meeting.

The Company:

West Midlands Woodturners Ltd (WMWT) is a limited liability company, by guarantee. It was incorporated on 3rd February 2015, under company number 9419165 and registered in England and Wales. WMWT is a “not-for-profit” organisation.

The registered office is:

4 Emmanuel Court


Sutton Coldfield

West Midlands

B73 6AZ


West Midlands Woodturners Limited is exempted from using the word “Limited” in its title and documentation, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act.



The members are from various occupations and professions, with a range of expertise, from the non-turner/beginner to the expert. All have a common bond – the love of wood in general and of woodturning in particular.

Whilst WMWT welcomes young people, due to the risks involved, we are unable to admit young people under the age of 12 years to meetings and membership. (Please see the Safeguarding policy under the club policies section).

Liability of members:

In the event that WMWT is wound up or dissolved, the liability of each member is limited to a sum not exceeding £1.00. (Please see the Club Constitution).


WMWT purchases annual Public Liability, Products liability and equipment insurance.

Health and Safety:

The club takes its responsibilities seriously and has a full policy which is published in the “policies” section of our website. We provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of full face masks and dust masks and we strongly recommend that they are used. Members and visitors are responsible for the suitability of their own clothing and footwear.


There is a single annual membership fee, which entitles members to entry to all of the clubs programmed “hands-on” and demonstrator meetings. These are full day meetings, usually, but not always on the 3rd Sunday each month. The membership fee is payable in full at the commencement of the club year (1st November). The executive committee has the authority to vary payment methods, but irrespective of payment methods the member commits to the payment of the annual fee notwithstanding any change in circumstances.

New members joining partway through the club year are eligible for pro-rata discounts, calculated on a quarterly basis.

Any other meeting or single/specialised event organised in addition to the published annual programme may attract additional cost which will be determined on a case by case basis and payable by those members in attendance at such meetings/events.

Affiliation to the Association of Woodturners Great Britain (AWGB)

WMWT is affiliated to AWGB and this requires that members also join AWGB. There is an annual fee, which WMWT collects from members on behalf of AWGB.


Venue: Kingsbury Community Centre, Pear Tree Avenue, Kingsbury. Tamworth B78 2AG

Meetings are held on the third Sunday of the month, except where there are clashes with Easter, Fathers day, etc.

There are two types of meeting; the first is a Hands-On day, where members have access to club lathes and tools, and can share experiences and techniques amongst themselves. These meetings start at 9.30am and conclude around 4.00 pm.

The second type of meeting is a demonstrator day where a professional turner demonstrates his/her techniques usually by undertaking a number of projects during the day. These meetings start at 9.15 and conclude around 5.00pm.

Usually there are 6 Hands-On days and 6 Demonstrator days each year. The programme is published on our website.

WMWT provides tea/coffee throughout the day, but members bring their own mug and lunch.

For demonstration days some members prefer to bring their own picnic chair, as an alternative to the chairs provided.


Visitors are welcome at club meetings, subject to the policy that after attendance at two meetings the visitor is required to become a member of the club before attending any further meetings. This policy applies to all visitors, irrespective of their membership of any other woodturning club or AWGB. The executive committee may vary this policy in individual instances when circumstances warrant variance of the policy.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is held during the November Hands-On day meeting.


There is one Director, who cedes routine management of the club to the committee, the members of which are elected annually.


The statutory financial statements are prepared annually by a Chartered Accountant, with draft accounts being presented to members at the AGM. The accounts, when approved, are submitted to HMRC (if required) and Companies House, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act.

A “People with Significant Control” (PSC) Report is filed at Companies House, annually.

Legal Note:

“West Midlands Woodturners” (an unincorporated association) closed on 2nd February 2015. At the time of its closure, there were no reported or known liabilities, and the minimal assets were donated to a similar organisation in accordance with the stated conditions in its informal constitution.

West Midlands Woodturners Ltd is an entirely separate legal entity with no responsibility for the unincorporated association formerly known as “West Midlands Woodturners”.B78 2AG