One of the aims of AWGB and WMWT is to seek to improve woodturning skills. The Chairman’s Challenge is central to this aim for WMWT and to facilitate this, the following applies:

There are three groups which are Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Members will be allocated into one of the groups – with their agreement – and will progress to the level that they aspire to.

The judging of entries will be based on published criteria, which will vary from group to group, but in all cases the intention is to give constructive feedback, which will be limited to the marking and any comments on the feedback form. Entrants could seek more detailed verbal feedback from the judge(s) if required. It is intended that there are links to Hands On days and Demonstrations, when possible, which should also help with skills development. 

Judging will be by a panel (who as individuals would not expect to enter items into the “class” which they are judging), and feedback sheets will be completed and attached to each entry for members to consider. Entries are anonymous. The criteria and judging process always remains a work in progress, but is subject to regular review to ensure that the criteria are appropriate and current. 

Progression from one group to the next will be assessed on the basis of entries throughout the year, and will be a combination of the standard of work and the number of pieces produced during the year. To assist members with limited experience we will provide drawings, photos and sometimes, measurements for Novice group members to work to. Whilst it may not be practical to do so for all groups, the focus is to give help and guidance to the Novice group mainly, and to the other two groups as and when possible.

If members have any suggestions about the Challenge, in terms of judging, organisation or subject please let a committee member know.