General Data Protection Regulations:

The information held on any member has been supplied by that member personally.
The data held by WMWT on any person may be reviewed by that person and corrected, if in error, by application to the Honorary Secretary.
Any person for whom data is held by WMWT is entitled to have said data removed from the records, on request, except in the case of Members, when the data will be held for a period determined by the provisions relating to “Liability Limited by Guarantee”, under the Articles of Incorporation.
Data Processing.


• Does not process information electronically or manually other than for:
– the maintenance of the membership register, as required under the terms of incorporation, and
– to facilitate communication
• Does not pass information to any third parties either in the UK or anywhere abroad.
• Operates a website which does not use cookies and does not collect personal information from visitors to the website.


• Communication with members (outside of scheduled meetings) is primarily by e-mail, for which permission has been obtained from those members in receipt thereof. Paper based communication may be used as necessary or appropriate.
• The newsletter is used primarily for information dissemination to members and other persons who have specifically requested inclusion in the circulation list.
• The website is used primarily to inform members and the public.

Members Register:

• Information on the Members Register is limited to:
• Name, Address, E-mail address, Telephone number(s), Membership number(s) and Emergency contact.
• This information is controlled by an Officer of the Company.
• This information is also held subject to the requirement to maintain a Members Register for a company with liability limited by guarantee.


WMWT or its authorized representative(s) may wish to take photographs of members during meetings and events. These photographs may be used in all media types such as social media (including Facebook and Twitter), WMWT publications and website, the Association of Woodturners Great Britain (AWGB) magazine “Revolutions” and other AWGB publications, the AWGB website, the press, and other woodturning magazines and publications in perpetuity and these photos may be seen around the world.
If members do not wish that any photograph is used in such publications, the member must advise the Honorary Secretary or Honorary Chairperson.